Thursday, October 15, 2009

Get a mortgage to purchase Real Estate in your IRA…

Do you have a self-directed IRA account and are searching for the best way to unlock the power and maximize your real estate investment abilities? Do you know how easy it is to convert your non-401k retirement accounts to a self-directed IRA? Did you know that a mortgage could be made directly to your IRA without any credit or income docs required?

Take advantage of the little-known secret by applying for non-recourse loans in your IRA. You can buy almost 3 times as many properties by leveraging the investments with a mortgage! Approval is based on the assets in your account, reserves, and the property itself. This is the easiest mortgage ever to qualify for!

This can be done on most 1-4 units residential properties, but single-family residences and duplexes are the easiest to get approval on. Typically, a 35% down payment is required and the property will be required to have around a 1.2% debt coverage ratio.

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