Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Homes Getting Smaller

One of the many things we discovered about Steve Jobs in the wake of his recent death is that he was a fan of modest homes.
Although Americans lately have embraced smaller homes, shrinking their average size by 5% from 2007 to 2010, Jobs thought smaller was better even 18 years ago, according to British kitchen designer Johnny Grey, who worked with Jobs in the mid-1990s.
While it's true that American homes are shrinking, they're still quite large by world wide and historical standards, and their size varies quite a bit from state to state. In the 10 U.S. Hotspots For Smallest House Sizes, data from listings revealed that the median square footage of home in the US is 1,761, the smallest homes in the country are found in Washington, DC, Hawaii, California, Maine and the Midwest.  Homes in this area tend to be large when measured by the national median. Alabama comes in at #31 (1800 sq ft), Tennessee is at #39 (1848 sq ft), and Georgia ranks #45 (1963 sq ft).

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