Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year!

Welcome back, everyone! After all the holiday fun, it might be time to look ahead at what the year has in store for us. According to the Farmer's Almanac, the Chattanooga area may have some snow on the horizon. The long-time prognosticator is calling for us to see some of the white stuff by the middle of January!
JANUARY 2012: temperature 46.5° (5° above avg. north, avg. south); precipitation 5" (2" below avg. northeast, 2" above southwest); Jan 1-5: Sunny north, rain south; cold; Jan 6-11: Rain, then sunny, cool; Jan 12-16: Rain and snow, then sunny, warm; Jan 17-19: T-storms, warm; Jan 20-24: Sunny; cold, then warm; Jan 25-28: Rain, then sunny, cool; Jan 29-31: T-storms, then sunny, cold.

FEBRUARY 2012: temperature 43° (3° below avg.); precipitation 4" (1" above avg. north, 3" below south); Feb 1-3: Sunny, cool; Feb 4-8: Showers, then sunny, mild; Feb 9-13: Rain and snow north; t-storms, warm south; Feb 14-19: Sunny, cold; Feb 20-25: Rain, then sunny, warm; Feb 26-29: Rain, then cold.

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