Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fall Colors

November is here, and with it, some beautiful autumn color! Today, nooga.com published a list of Top five places to view fall colors in Chattanooga.
Chattanooga City Forester Gene Hyde said he was surprised at the amount of color already visible in the trees, considering all of the weather factors Chattanooga has seen during a wild 2011.

"I attribute it to cool temperatures, electric blue skies and chilly nights," Hyde said. "Considering we had that month with 0.01 inches of rain, I was thinking the leaf season was going to be terrible. But I was driving around at length, and my goodness, this isn't what I expected."

To compose a top five list of close-by, brilliant fall locales, Nooga.com teamed up with Hyde, who said that this year's spectacle has the potential to make the top ten of autumns he's seen during his 21-year tenure in the city.
 Follow the link to check out the list. Where is your favorite place to go for fall color?

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