Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Chattanooga Goes Hipster?

CultureMap went looking for the country's next Austin, and they found Chattanooga:
Chattanooga, Tennessee
Chattanooga has been wooing the panties off the popular urbanite mag, GOOD Magazine, with tales of their new city-wide typeface and 'super green' VW plant. According to the online magazine, the city's new font, Chatype, was born from the coffee shop meeting of a brand consultant and typeface designer. The duo brainstormed about what it would be like for Chattanooga to be the most conceptually awesome city in America and — poof — Chatype was born.
GOOD also commended VW's new Chattanooga plant that turns paint waste into cement instead heading into landfills. To add to Chattanooga's green-like behavior, the city implemented human-race-eliminating 'smart lights' — LED streetlights that can respond to different environments and situations. These streetlights are controlled by the city's new fiber optic high-speed Internet that is also helping lure fleets of businesses and nerdies into this scenic Tennessee town. In addition to showing America it's the baddest mo-fo city around, Chattanooga was named one of NY Times 45 Places to Visit in the United States, along with its sister city, Space.
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