Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Chattanooga Porches

Chattanooga is, as everyone knows, very much in the South. And the South, as not everyone may know, is the land where porches are a sacred part of the architecture. This is the region that traditionalized blue porch ceilings, even naming them "haint blue" after the colloquial belief that the color repels evil spirits and ghosts. In a hot place that loves community, and where strangers on the street smile and say hello, porches are integral to staying cool while staying in touch with the neighbors.  While a big wrap around porch or even a little lean-to leaning up the front door are common on historic homes around the country, they've endured as an important part of Southern culture. It's simply the best place to sit, sip a cocktail or sweet tea, and "set a spell" with your friends and family. In honor of the porch tradition, we've rounded up some great historic porch-spiration from around Chattanooga. 

Porches aren't just for hanging plants  and flags;
they can also be a great place to display art.
Double your porches, double your fun.
Fancy trim in a simple color can dress up a plain exterior
without clashing or overwhelming. 
We love the matching paint on the bench
and coordinated planters on this Fortwood Queen Anne.
Porch swings might be popular, but never underestimate
the unexpected impact of a classic church pew.

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