Thursday, August 9, 2012

Yard Art, Lawn Ornaments, and Other Outdoor Decor

The lawn is an ever-important part of the American house, and they get their fair share of decorating attention. Here is a roundup of some local lawn ornaments, where you can buy some hip yard art of your own, and even get instructions for how you can DIY your own bottle tree.

Bird baths and concrete figurines are always a classic.

This elegant bottle tree is amazingly easy to DIY
Adding a concrete statue to your yard or porch
can make the space look more finished.
Deer sculptures are very popular in both rural and urban
neighborhoods throughout the South
Pink flamingos are a lawn decor classic, although this one
in downtown Chattanooga has seen better days.

There are many places throughout Chattanooga that offer a wide range of lawn decor, from the kitschy to the grand to the classy and chic.

  • The Insyde Outsyde Shop offers both antiques for your interior decorating and outdoor furniture, metal sculptures, gazing globes, bird baths, and more for your outdoor decor. 
  • Merchants on Main offers some metal sculptures that would work great outdoors and occasionally has other lawn-ready odds and ends that will add a touch of whimsy to your space.
  • The Barn Nursery has a variety of plants, gardening supplies, pottery, and decorative garden gifts
  • The Chattanooga Market's artisans have a variety of gorgeous crafts from big fountains like the one pictured above to smaller lawn ornaments.
  • Lowes and Home Depot each also have a selection of lawn decor
  • For those who want to DIY, TLC has a great selection of projects that reuse wine bottles in your garden, including a wine bottle tree like the one seen above.
  • Here are some more specific instructions for how to make different types of bottle trees

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