Thursday, November 1, 2012

Home Renovation in 2013

AG Beat recently reported that “The strength of the RMI, especially in owner-occupied properties, shows that home owners are investing in remodels as home prices stabilize. As owners become more confident that investments in housing will hold their value, they are beginning to undertake projects to improve their comfort that they had been putting off.”

So what at home remodelers focusing on in their new projects? Trends are informed by years of a down economy and slow home sales creating a new sense of commitment to homes. The days of house flipping are over, and instead there is a new emphasis on livability instead of status. House Logic has identified a general move toward "functionality" and "multi-use spaces." Dona Dezube writes, “There have been some pretty significant changes over the past six years and housing preferences may have changed permanently,” says Baker. “The day of the grandiose master bath may have passed us by, and the trend of integrating the kitchen into the family space accelerated during the downturn, along with multi-use spaces and informality.” US news notes that rather than upgrading rooms for the very highest end finishes, many homeowners are finally hiring contractors to replace rooves, siding, and HVAC systems that are overdue for replacement or repair. While it remains to be seen if the tendency toward smaller homes sizes and practicality is in vogue only while incomes are lower and more uncertain, it does seem the days of lavish showplaces like the Versailles of Florida are over.

Kitchens and bathrooms remain the top two remodeled rooms in the home, Many of the design movements that Food and Wine Magazine predicted in 1999 for Millenium Kitchens remain true, including open shelving, open spaces, and favoritism for hardwood floors, tile, and bamboo,  There is a continued emphasis on granite, quartz, and marble countertops. Apron-front style sinks, and architectural cabinetry remain a fun choice with a historic feel. White Ice appliances are continuing to grow in popularity over the once-ubiquitous stainless steel. Spa bathrooms with deep soaking tubs, table-style sink cabinets, luxury countertops, and top-quality fixtures also remain at the top of many renovators' and home buyers' lists.

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