Wednesday, January 16, 2013

How to Create Your Own Sense of Style

It's not always easy to develop a sense of style for your home. There are so many factors-- the architecture, the amount of space, and your budget to say the very least. There are also considerations such as the permanence of your living situation. For example, renters or homeowners who don't intend to stay settled for the long term might see less point in investing in furniture and décor that fit that specific space than those who are setting down true roots. Or your style might be affected by what pieces you already have and what you might need to acquire.

The latter can be one of the hardest aspects of style to navigate. How does one successfully develop the items you already have into something that feels both authentic and cohesive? When you aren't a professional designer, it can be tough deciding how to bring new pieces into the home, or coordinate a lot of hand me downs or antiques or the miscellaneous pieces we all tend to accumulate. Here are a few suggestions for turning what you have into a look you want:

  • Don't try to make your home look just like the pages in your favorite catalogues. A cookie cutter look won't feel fully comfortable or really your own.
  • Don't be afraid to decorate slowly over time. If you take the above advice, it's easiest to avoid the cookie cutter look if you let your home's style develop bit by bit, and find the décor and furniture you want naturally, rather than forcing it all at once
  • Read style blogs and find out what the kind of look you like is called. Bohemian, contemporary, vintage, modern, etc. By better understanding the type of style you'd like to cultivate, it'll be easier to find stores and get ideas.
  • Some of the larger furniture stores have decorators on staff or can refer you to an interior designer. While the cost and services vary widely, it could be a way to learn some tricks of the trade, or discover something new about the rooms you are working with
  • Understand your needs and be honest with yourself. You may love the look of white couches, for example, but if you have kids you might need to pick something more durable or select a sofa with machine washable covers.
  • Make decorating a part of your hobbies, interests, and leisure. That will make developing your style fun and feel more authentic and true to yourself. If you are interested in antiques or vintage style, try going to regular auctions around town or thrifting on the weekends. You never know what treasures you might find for a steal. If you love sports or the outdoors, bring back memorabilia, rocks, branches, or photos form your adventures and incorporate them into you decorating.

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