Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Stay Mosquito-free!!

It is mosquito season once again, and this year's early heat is likely to make the bug season worse than usual. They cause itching and can spread sickness, so how to prevent the bites?

The most important way to keep mosquito populations under control is to keep them from breeding in your yard, so get rid of any standing water, no matter how small the pool -- mosquitoes can breed in the water collected in an overturned soda cap!

Keep an eye out in your neighborhood for any wet places where mosquitoes might breed. You might need to help your neighbors identify and eliminate mosquito-friendly habitats. And if any nearby sewers or ditches are not draining properly, contact your Metro Public Health Department -- in Chattanooga, that would be Environmental Health Services. (Note: the American Mosquito Control Association advises that you should not attempt to clear public areas yourself, as you may unknowingly disturb a protected wetland.)

The effectiveness of repellents is debatable at best and most only work on a small area, so trying to keep the insect population down is the best defense against mosquitoes. Has your yard been de-mosquitoed?

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